Jenna's Story Part 1


Love is acceptance. Most people say that when you love someone, you must love him for whoever he was. You must also learn to accept his strengths and imperfections. But how will you love somebody who is a complete opposite of what you really want? Is there a need to change him or tell him what right things to do only to pass your standards? This is the dilemma of our letter sender today named Jenna. Unlike any other woman, Jenna is a meticulous one. She is also hard to get along with. She hates arrogant, egoistic and hypocrite people. Although she knows how to fight and defend herself, she would rather choose to avoid these people by simply transferring to another place. This is the case with Marcelino or simply Ino, whom she met at the last boarding house she lived in while she was still studying in college......



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