Barangay Love Stories - Coby Part 4


One time Coby has been invited out by his cousin named Rodney, who was two years older than him. But before that, Rodney told him that they will drop by to one of his friends to get the money it owed him so they could add for the amount they are going to spend on their gimmick. Rodney phoned in his friend first before they went to the hotel where it was staying. Rodney’s friend even invited them in to the room where it was checked in. The guy was only wearing a towel on his waist with his hair still soaking wet. He told them they should not speak too loud or his partner, who was still in the bathroom, would hear them. However, the door suddenly opened and Coby was so surprised to see who it was. It was Olivia’s father.

Barangay Love Stories - Coby Part 3


After Tina left, Coby immediately phoned in Olivia to say sorry. He was a little too hesitant at first, thinking that Olivia was still mad at him. But she was not. As a matter of fact, Olivia even cried at the thought that Coby will completely desert her. She also said sorry for being narrow-minded. It was the time when Coby realized that LOVE is the only thing that binds two people. But just like any other normal relationship, there will always be another test. And this time, it was Lira. Lira is a really captivating woman, which is why Coby could not help himself from getting attracted to her. One time they met on the street and accidentally bumped to each other. That was the time when he began to know her better.

Barangay Love Stories - Coby Part 2


Coby’s relationship with Olivia has never been that easy despite the fact that most of their family members approve their affair. It is because Olivia is too apprehensive and always mistrustful, which is why they will always have a fight. In fact, she even suspected that Coby and the maid named Tina have a hidden affair. One time, Olivia confronted Tina and said inappropriate things. That was the time when Coby and Olivia’s relationship began to fall apart….

Barangay Love Stories - Coby Part 1


Today’s episode is about a guy named Coby, who has a girlfriend named Olivia. They have been together since 3rd year high school. Olivia is the most beautiful girl in the class, which is why it is not too hard to fall in love with her. Being one of the most nice-looking guys in class, there are also several girls who have a crush on Coby and who would constantly send him letters of affection. Oftentimes, this is why Olivia will get jealous. On the other hand, there is actually no reason to be envious. It was because so far, Olivia is the best girl for him. On the other hand, Coby cannot avoid having a crush on another girl aside from Olivia. After all, it is only normal to be attracted on another person even though you are already committed with someone else. Her name is Lira, a year older than him. Lira may not be as pretty as Olivia, but she is definitely eye-catching. Unlike Olivia, Lira is simple, uncomplicated and a complete opposite of Olivia. This is probably the reason Coby got attracted to her….


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